Maurice  (Moe)


  • Breed: Canadian Horse
  • DOB: 2002
  • Height: 16.3 hh  
  • Weight: 1,500 lbs.
  • Colour: Black


  • Intelligent and friendly
  • Loves people
  • Metrosexual about personal grooming and products
  • Craves adventure, attention, and carrots
  • Small addiction to ‘stud muffins’ – seeking help

Personality Quirks:


  • Insists that the first carrot be given prior to haltering. Turns his head while chewing so you can’t put the halter on until he’s finished.
  • Must touch everything in the aisle way. Enjoys knocking halters off hooks, spilling buckets, turning on/off lights, knocks over shovels/brooms/ pitchforks, has been known to flood the barn with water hose.
  • He especially enjoys pulling blankets off doors and sniffing them in a creepy way as he curls his lip up – Flehmen response.
  • Doesn’t suffer fools on or off his back.
  • ‘Smiles’ to endear himself into getting more stud muffins and carrots. Hilarious and terrifying at the same time J
  • Claims that ‘other horses’ are stupid, hence he goes out alone in his paddock.
  • Walks away from me in the cross-ties when I try to pick up his right front hoof because a million years ago I put a stinging product on his thrush and he’s never forgotten (or forgiven) me.
  • Requires 3 pieces of carrots when tightening the girth to compensate for ‘pain and suffering’.


Riding Endearments & Quirks:


  • Helpful when mounting from blocks, fence rails, benches, etc., positioning himself so I can get on.
  • Crazy brave on the road with trucks, motorcycles, bicycles.
  • Scaredy-cat over jumps, can barely traverse the eventing field without having a heart attack.
  • Fearless when going into hazardous situations like passing hydro trucks that have their flashers on and their scissor lifts going up and down.
  • Fearless when following a mountain bike trail on a profound downward pitch while crawling over fallen trees (don’t ask, we got lost in the backcountry).
  • Fearless when crossing small rivers, creeks and streams – doesn’t mind dropping into them.
  • Likes to follow other horses at a walk but needs to be in front when trotting or cantering. Bossy that way…
  • Crosses bridges when ridden alone, but sneaks behind other horses when in a group. (He’s convinced there are trolls under the bridge).
  • Unstoppable, so I don’t let him know I can’t stop him. I have many strategies and most do not require pulling on the reins.
  • Can only be disciplined if he agrees with you about his transgression. This is why I can’t lend him, he won’t tolerate a poorly timed correction. (He becomes belligerent).
  • Bravely stands his ground when being confronted by loose dogs. He’s been known to charge them and set them straight on the ‘might makes right’ rule of the animal kingdom.
  • Always the ‘go to’ horse to lead other horses through difficult or stressful situations. He was the lead horse for the Canadian Horse Drill Team at the Pacific National Exhibition, entering the area to the thunderous applause of 5000 spectators who came to see the RCMP musical ride.